About Us

Carmody Studio is a Sydney based interior design agency specialising in bespoke design and procurement for Hotels and hospitality. We are a multidiscipline agency that has a talent for innovation and deep experience and knowledge to deliver within the boundaries of commercial realities. Servicing Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, Carmody Studio offers full-service capabilities and is a well trusted partner in hotel and hospitality interiors.



Bespoke excellence Specialising in hotel and hospitality interior design and furniture design
Talents Award winning interior and furniture design studio
Trust Built over 15 years
Experience Deep experience in conceptual design to project completion
Sustainability Research programmes into new hotel building materials to lower carbon costs and reduce waste
Quality Control Design and Manufacture to Australian Standards


To find out how these Core Principles are built into what we do, we would love to share more, contact us.




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1A, 3-9 Kenneth Road
Manly Vale
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